clear quartz candle • sugar cookie

clear quartz candle • sugar cookie

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9oz Clear Quartz Infused Soy Candle

Notes: Sugar Cookie, Cocoa Ganche + Vanilla Truffle

Clear Quartz is also known as the Master Healer or Master Stone. Whatever you need it can help you with, not to brag but it's just that good. 

It is an amplifying stone, so whatever other crystals are close by it enhances their abilities. It also will amplify your thoughts and feelings, so just be aware of that if your emotions are particularly strong.

It grounds, protects and motivates you.

It will help you realize your higher purpose.

It is a stone of power and focus, very receptive to positive programming and intentions. Your aura is strengthened, your chakras are balanced and your energy becomes connected to the Universe.

It has tremendous amounts of positivity and healing to give, so use it and together you can make wonderful things happen. 

all natural • gluten-free • cruelty-free • vegan • carcinogen-free • toxin-free • mutagen-free • phthalate-free