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zebra calcite chunk

zebra calcite chunk

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You will love the smooth, waxy feel and spectacular color patterns of your new naturally shaped Zebra Calcite Crystal. You are purchasing this exact specimen. This particular piece of Calcite, mined in Mexico, has an irregular shape allowing for it to be displayed in a number of orientations.

Just like the stripes on each zebra are unique, metaphysically, this banded stone is believed to promote individualism and assist in self-expression. Many believe that Zebra Calcite encourages the confidence and bravery needed to explore and develop oneself. Zebra Calcite is often considered a protection stone, facilitating a sense of belonging in one's environment, or amongst others. Zebra Calcite, also called Phantom Calcite, is prized for its stunning yellow, white, gray, and black stripes, swirls, orbs, and banding.

This piece has been acid-washed resulting in a smooth, somewhat waxy feel to the stone's surface. You may find areas on the crystal that will have rough, unsmooth patches, white chipped or crushed sections, and possibly some flaking. This is normal wear and tear on a Calcite crystal and is to be expected with this delicate, soft stone.

crystal care


- do not submerge in water

- do not use chemicals as crystals may discolor

- keep certain out of direct sunlight

- to increase effects of your crystals metaphysical energies, place in moonlight overnight or bury in soil for one day

Crystal Jewelry:

- cleanse and recharge by sitting on window ledge overnight every full moon

- do not submerge in water

- store in a dry, safe place or the pouch it comes in

- polish with a soft cloth

metaphysical properties


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return policy

We understand that you may change your mind from time to time, and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your crystal energy! So we will do everything we can to help. Due to the limited inventory and rarity of many of the crystals in our crystal shop, majority of our crystals will be final sale.

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